Us Lags Europe In Women In Technology Leadership – Forbes

These percentages may well be splitting hairs, though. Companies were only asked if they had any women in the C-suite or serving on the board, and so whether a company had only one woman who served on the board, or was a start-up had 90% female employees, the two scenarios (and anything in between) counted the same way. If 50% of companies in Europe have women in power, it doesnt necessarily mean that those companies are more empowering or more diversity friendly than companies in the US. What European companies do have going for them, though, said SVB Chief Information Officer Beth Devin, is generally greater acceptance of parents needing flexible schedules in order to meet family responsibilities. Men and women are both granted this understanding, and adopting a similar attitude here could affect US companies where women are hired straight out of college into entry-level positions, but then cannot rise within the company past a certain point if they choose to become mothers and primary caregivers for their children. That said, we do have a recent movement in our country toward workforce transparency. In the last couple of months, major companies like Facebook , LinkedIn , Google , and Yahoo have come forward about where and how they still lack gender and racial diversity. Putting aside our technological behemoths, we also have problematic industries. As SVBs survey demonstrates, within the greater context of technology companies, not all specializations hire women equally.
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